TATTOOWALL® digital murals is a professional system for wall-decoration which exploits the full potential of digital technology.

Includes a full range of products, from surface preparation to finishing, aimed at digital printing companies, decorators and painters.

Tattoowall products

TATTOOWALL® digital murals is an original professional system of decoration suitable for any type of environment. It allows the decoration of walls, ceilings, columns, domes, in a simple and fast way through the use of transfer paper, is a revolutionary tool for professionals such as architects, interior designers, artists, decorators, restorers and it is also a business opportunity for digital printers.

The application is simple and fast, clean and free of odors thanks to water-based products. After glue application on surface to be decorated are enough 30minutes because the product to become active and begin so the application of the decoration.

A decoration of about 20 square meters can be completed in 8 hours.

Tattoowall floor products

The TATTOOWALL® floor technique allows the decoration of smooth concrete floors with images of any size. The floor decorated has a good resistance to foot traffic and can support heavy loads without being damaged or scratched.

The application is fast but needed time the resin dried which acts as protection. There are gloss, matt and slip resistant finishing. This technique is particularly suited to public buildings, such as shopping, museums, and shopping centers.

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